Compassionate Dental Care for Seniors

We understand the challenges that many seniors face when it comes to taking care of their oral health.

Dr. Thomas Cardwell of Prime Dental Care has designed our office around the unique needs of our elderly patients.

We understand that:

  • Visiting a dentist when you need dental work can be both intimidating and challenging.
  • It is can be difficult as you get older to keep up good oral hygiene for many reasons.
  • Health problems such as arthritis may make it difficult to brush & floss and many medications can cause dry mouth which contributes to decay.

Finding a dental practice that specializes in treating older patients and has the expertise to earn the trust of senior patients is essential to a positive dental experience and lasting oral health.

Prime Dental Care has recognized these challenges. We offer significantly reduced fees which are 20% to 60% off our regular fees for veterans and seniors over 55 years young who are uninsured. Prime is committed to keeping dental care affordable!

Prime Dental Care is rated 4.1 out of 5 based on 90 reviews from around the Web.
Been going to them since they started,  Have had fillings and crowns and they are polite and efficient.  If you don't have insurance they have reasonable prices....
I'm a bit nervous about your wanting to "cap" every tooth you work on. What ever happened to the old drill & fill method. since I am without dental insurance, it gets really expensive to cap everything. At my age investing over $5,000. seems a bi...
I just want to say that prime dental care at 11400 se 37th ave Milwaukie Or Dr Thomas Cardwell is by far the best dentist i have ever been to. The work there is amazing the staff that works there is just as wonderful. Every time i have an appointment...
A few years back, I had a few heart attacks and was brought to an emergency room. One of the doctors put his hand on my shoulder and said, "Don't worry, you are in the best possible place and we will take good care of you." He relieved my concerns be...
I had an extremely painful abscessed back molar. Had seen 2 Specialists, one who offered a root canal for additional $1300, with no promises for success since the tooth had already had so many problems. When I said I wanted it pulled instead, was sen...
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